Thursday, 3 June 2010

Redheads: Biting Back

For our end of year essay we pretty much got to pick our own topic, and I thought to myself I want something interesting to talk about, relative to what I'm all about and of course something to do with what I'm studying,

And Eureka I got it!

I chose to write about something that I have pretty much had to put up with for the whole of my life, being ginger. No don't get me wrong I actually wouldn't want any other hair colour, and I'm not just saying that, I have had to endure name-calling, teasing and actually having pretty bright coloured hair since i started secondary school, but no longer does it bother me.

I have learnt with many athings to embrace and after weeks of researching I decided to look at research how red-headed models have recently stormed the catwalk, why and what effect this has on people. I'm not saying the teasing has stopped because it sure hasn't for lots of gingers round the world (particularly male) but it sure is a whole lot better being different!

Tilda Swinton, Viktor and Rolf's catwalk muse for Fall 2003, Need I say More?

For your interest, beautiful redheads set to storm the world................heres hoping.:
Karen Elson was the face of Spring/Summer 2009 Tiffany shoot, The Titan beauty was one of the first up and coming models to hit the catwalk having previously worked for Ysl.

Lily Cole, We salute your as always Lily

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