Sunday, 20 June 2010

Oxfam D.I.Y

Ingenious! A guilt-free way to shop with some of the most spetacular clothing,

Oxfam seemes to have very cleverly tapped into the what's hot and what's happening of right now, By promoting Second-hand as chic and fashionable with ethical fashion sense good fashion has returned!

Patriotic Design with the Tassling detail, dare to bare.

First of all the Oxfam Curosity shop which happened a few weeks ago in the bottom of Selfridges and let me tell you it was a hit, with celebrity donations and the rich and famous buying Oxfam made a bomb for their ever-worthy causes.

Next an Oxfam D.I.Y store online, Top Stylist and Designer MRS JONES has created a limited collection of 30 garments to sell online at different times online and in the Camden Store, if your around its a must have visit, and heres a little peek of whats avaliable......

The collection features both women and men's clothing and feels like ASOS meets true British Punk Rock. Its Viv Westwood revived from her early days and its a must grab-onceinalifetimeopportunity and Champagne Lifestyle Lemonade Pockets

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