Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lime Crime

So after beginning to work my butt off at a full time job for the Summer I figured working in a health and beauty store I'd write up on on my favourite products and how they fair from other things I've tried.

So to begin, I am a make-up junkie and the absolute must have lipstick I've discovered is Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is an American brand created by the ever fabulous Doe Deere, its an assortment of some weird and some wonderful shades ranging from light Blue to Black to orange, its sort of a Barry M feel but better quality and smooth stay-put power. The packaging is appealing (for those of us who like bright colours, but then hey you wouldn't buy it if you didn't!) and it's even been rumored the Bearded Lady of Guildford bought the bright Orange shade known as "my beautiful rocket".

Me myself I have D'lilac and Cosmopop and couldn't be happier.

The colour slides on and stays opaque you literally need to use the tiniest amount to wear for hours and are bound to get noticed when wearing,so be prepared to be bold and in candy colours for the Summer season.

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