Sunday, 20 June 2010

Assessment time= Being a nocturnal mess

Soo It's assessment time again guys n girls, which means lack of sleep, tonnes of work and last minute panicking!

For tomorrow I must have submitted my Alternative fashion Week project and Garden Stuff.

Below some fantastic pictures of the garment me and miss Jenifer Howard designed for the Alternative Fashion show .

The theme was Modern Folk, a twist on tradtions and we were briefed to design a garment in prep for a catwalk on April 23rd, we had a month to make the dress and it was a unique opportunity.

We chose Harlequins and Africa Voodoo and merged them together to produce a dress and headpiece.

My part was co-working to design and print the fabric, then individually designing the voodoo mask on the front and fitting/stitching/sequinning the garment together,

Milan watch out.........

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